Welcome to post-Excelerator February. Let's keep the marketing love going.


The two day Excelerator is for me one of the best things we do. The months leading up to it are all about making sure that what we cover in the room is the best it can be.

For those who came, I hope you got a lot out of it. Session recordings are with Diogo as we speak. 

The rest of February we're keeping up the focus on marketing, specifically we're taking the insight from how marketing advice works, and making it practical.

If you'd like a super clear outline of all the marketing options and where they fit, including outsourcing opportunities and more, The Complete Marketing System on Friday 22nd is for you.

I'm also making a few small changes to the Drop In, testing something I'm calling Office Hours. Each week I'll be available from 1pm to 5pm (usually on Wednesday) if you need some help. You can pre-book a session here. We're just testing it, but if there is demand we'll keep it.

In addition, keep your eyes out for the benchmarking survey coming your way. A reminder that this only works if everyone completes it, so I encourage you to take part and share in the output.




Unless otherwise stated, some sessions are limited to program attendees. If in doubt, drop us a line.

Friday 22nd

10am AEST

This session is for all program members.

At the Excelerator, we dove into the Dark Arts of marketing, unpacking how to make sense of it all in the context of advice.

Now it's time to get practical.

In this session, we'll get clear on how to marry together the message with the activity. We'll explore the total picture of all the marketing options and where they fit, including outsourcing opportunities and more.

Most importantly though I'm going to recommend what marketing you should be doing from one of three models, so you leave with a super clear plan for your best 2019 ever.


1pm to 5pm

Times available each week

Click here to pre-book.

Trying new things is important, right? That's why we're introducing Office Hours this month instead of our usual Drop Ins.

It works like this. If you need help, I've blocked out a half day each week from 1pm to 5pm so you can book a session and get it.

The only thing I ask is that when we get together and work on your stuff, the next time we sit down to go again you've either a) implemented, or b) you're stuck and need unsticking.

Of course if your'e a full program member, a reminder that you can also book a full session here at any time.



Everything that's been added from over the past month or so, ready to use

Under Systems in the full curriculum

Creating a Business Intelligence Dashboard

Business Intelligence is about having a way to create your own dashboard, to show you whether you're winning or standing still.

This essential module tuns through several vital aspects to creating a business intelligence system, including benchmarking, key metrics, technology options and how to apply the data for practical results.


Under Productivity in the main program

How to Use Accountability Better

It's the glue that ties commitment to result. 

This module explores the nature accountability and how the right focus, right mindset and the right insights are the difference between incremental progress and a giant leap.

As well as frameworks for you to use it also contains a lot that can used with clients too.


Under Systems in the full curriculum

Simple, focussed planning system

Gary Keller's book had a big impact on the way I approach planning and implementing one piece at a time.

The Domino Plan is a step-by-step system to identify your perfect focus. That first domino in the line, single project which, if you tip it over first and early, starts a chain reaction that makes everything that follows easier or potentially unnecessary.


Under "Leads"

Your Advice Marketing Primer.

Fresh from the Excelerator this Seth Godin-inspired session runs through everything you need to know if you're going to successfully market your advice.

It covers how the ideal client thing really works (and why sometimes expertise matters more), finding the questions potential clients are really asking so you can answer them, the truth about how sales funnels work and the one-page proposition.


Under "Leads"

Creating a fruitful referral network

Fresh from the Excelerator this session focused on what everuy advice business needs to know; that building a world class network of client advocates and strategic partners takes more than just a "how about you refer me clients?"

 As well as live insight into how program members really get leads, this module has a big done-for-you component and should be approached with a strong implementation focus.


Under "Experience"

Engagement/Marketing to existing clients

Fresh from the Excelerator this session focused on how simple it can truly be to both engage clients with some simple marketing touchpoints, and increase the likelihood of them coming to you and referring.

This is a big slice of done-for-you, with a host of examples of how to make this truly effortless. If you ask me, this should be on everyone's radar.




If you know someone who is incredible at what they do for advice firms, or a practitioner doing amazing things, I'd love an intro :)


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